Emergency Planning and Response

Aurora’s comprehensive emergency planning expertise guarantees to reduce the impact of any radiological emergencies you may experience, while our rapid call out system ensures we can respond to radiological emergencies immediately.
A radiological emergency is a serious incident, but the correct response can significantly mitigate the consequences. As the leading independent UK radiation protection company, our knowledge, experience, and expertise is second to none, ensuring you receive the highest standards of emergency planning and response currently available.

Aurora provide a 24/7 emergency call out system for a large number of our clients, guaranteeing you an immediate response from one of our Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs) when you make the call. We have significant experience in planning, managing, and responding to emergency scenarios involving radioactive materials, both real and simulated.

“The course was well structured and delivered. The instructors showed a wealth of knowledge and experience.”
Jason Fenard

Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) • Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Specific emergency planning expertise has included:

  • Re-writing and re-structuring the Emergency Arrangements Handbook (EAH) for a major client in the nuclear industry. The EAH describes the function and interactions of the various groups that would form during a site accident
  • Writing the radiological scenario for a multi-agency (MOD, emergency services, NHS, etc.) exercise, “Wyvern Grindle”. The scenario was an iridium-192 radiography source packed with explosives and detonated at a busy motorway service station
  • Presentations to the emergency services on what their immediate response should be and how to deal with radiological events
  • Preparation of accident scenarios for the demonstration exercises performed by clients to the Office For Nuclear Regulation (ONR)
  • Production of and participation during exercise scenarios for the “blue light” services of Devon and Cornwall

A radiological emergency is a serious incident, depending on clear emergency protocols and the rapid response of a professional team in order to mitigate the threat to public health and/or property.

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