Shielding Integrity Testing

Aurora’s unrivalled experience testing the integrity of installed shielding ensures your facility meets the design criteria before being handed over to the end user.

Radiation Shielding Integrity Testing

For many facilities, installed shielding is the primary method of restricting exposure to ionising radiation. Traditionally, the integrity of the installed shielding is not tested until the source is ready to be used.

However, if the radiation shielding is found to be inadequate or contain weaknesses at this stage, then it is often difficult and very costly to undertake remedial action.

I have no hesitation in recommending Aurora Health Physics Services Limited for cyclotron facility design and all aspects of radiological protection advice associated with the installation and operation of a cyclotron/PET production facility during its lifecycle: from installation, shielding integrity testing, facility operation to the production of a fully comprehensive decommissioning plan.

Aurora have provided Imanova with focused radiological protection advice and support for many years and have demonstrated their expertise through their advice and practical approach to radiological safety.

Jan Passchier, PhD

Director of Operations • Imanova Ltd

No job too big, no task too small:

  • Accelerator Bunkers
  • Radiography Enclosures
  • Laboratories
  • Calibration Facilities
  • Radiotherapy Rooms
  • Bespoke Shielding

We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest organisations, and tested facilities intended to house many different types of ionising radiation source, including medical and research linear accelerator bunkers, industrial radiography enclosures, calibration facilities, and laboratories. In addition, we have tested bespoke shielded items of operation equipment such as Hot Cells, shielded glove boxes, shielded workstations and more.

Remediation can be costly!

To prevent costly remedial action, Aurora provide a shielding testing service prior to the installation of the operational radiation source. Aurora use a variety of test sources, including mobile accelerators, to assess the effectiveness of the installed shielding and compare it to the design requirement.

Aurora can assess shielding from a few millimetres of lead up to 2.0 meters of ordinary concrete, testing accessible parts of the facility, not just the parts that can be checked with the operational source.

Testing at an early stage allows any defects that are found to be rectified without incurring costly delays to the project.

Our Shielding Integrity Testing Service gives you the peace of mind you need to progress your build, and install radiation sources knowing that the shielding protection will be as expected.


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