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Radiation Protection Training

Aurora provides radiation protection training for both ionising and non-ionising radiation protection. Our training is designed to help professionals understand their roles and responsibilities when working with radiation or helping to manage radiation safety in their workplace.


Radiation Safety Training

Delivered In Three Ways

Online Taught Training

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) and Laser Safety Officer (LSO) courses run as ‘live’ online courses. We can also run these and other courses as tailored courses.

Face to Face Training

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) and Laser Safety Officer (LSO) courses run in a classroom type setting, at Aurora or your premises. We can also provide these and other courses as tailored courses.

On Demand Training

Training designed to fit around your timetable. We run a number of on demand courses accessible online. Each course has its own core modules. You can learn at your pace.


Radiation Protection Training

Radiation Protection Training that
covers the entire spectrum

We can tailor any course to suit your needs. Our training covers work with ionising radiation (radioactive substances and X-rays) as well as non-ionising radiation (lasers, broadband optical sources and electromagnetic fields). Here is a snapshot of what we currently offer.

Laser Safety Officers (LSOs)

Radiation Protection Supervisor

Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)

Ionising Radiation Courses

  • Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)
  • Radiation Safety Awareness
  • Employer Training for Transport of Class 7 Dangerous Goods
  • Facility Design for Nuclear Sites
  • Working with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Working with Sealed Radioactive Materials
  • Working with Unsealed Radioactive Materials
  • Working with X-Rays (including Medical X-Rays)
  • Requirements of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (IRMER)
  • Requirements of the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2019 (REPPIR)
  • Radiation Regulatory Bodies
  • Liquid Scintillation Analysis
  • The Use of Radiological Instrumentation

Non-Ionising Radiation Courses

  • Laser Safety Officer (LSO)
  • Laser Safety Awareness
  • Advanced Laser Safety Officer (LSO)
  • Laser Safety Calculations
  • Artificial Optical Radiation (AOR) Safety
  • Radiation Safety for the Health and Safety Professional
  • Electromagnetic Fields Safety Training

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