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The Challenges

The challenge was to ensure these gauges containing radioactive sources were transported to three different countries, where different sections of the rig were being built, for installation and commissioning while ensuring the relevant regulatory requirements are met.

The Tasks

  • Provision of radiological advice in relation to the transport, storage, and commissioning of nucleonic gauges for three separate countries.
  • Production of radiation safety documentation relating to the above activities.
  • Training of key radiological commissioning staff, both for client and end users.
  • Provision of radiological advice for long term care and maintenance of nucleonic gauges on the

The Results

Successful transport and installation of nucleonic gauges on three separate segments of the oil rig prior to its commissioning. Gauges are now essential tools on the rig and play a key part in ensuring an efficient yield of oil, as well as providing valuable input to safety of equipment.

Able has no hesitation in recommending Aurora to other organisations and it endorses Aurora’s declaration that it is the leading provider of radiation protection services in the UK.

Dave Quelch

• Able Instruments & Controls Ltd

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