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Radiation Protection Aspects for Laboratory Design

The Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) organised an event to bring experts together to discuss radiation protection considerations in designing and decommissioning laboratories. The event was held in the new, state of the art, Francis Crick Institute, London and coincided with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Marie Curie.

14 November 2017

“Who thought that was a good idea?”

This event saw delegates gather to share their experiences in radiation laboratory design. A thorough plan for laboratory design is of particular importance, as it allows operators to plan for future work in their establishments from a practical and aesthetics view point, and to think about how a laboratory or facility will eventually be decommissioned.

These events are invaluable for experts to share their experiences of examples of good and bad designs. Careful planning at the design stage is so important, as it can avoid the significant cost of correcting for a poorly designed facility.

Jon Taylor provided the headlining presentation on Designing For Decommissioning.


Half Time Show

Aurora were pleased to sponsor the event, which was also a celebration of the legacy of Marie Curie, and a good opportunity to showcase our “Doses from Cosmic Rays” virtual reality experience.

This event was held on the 150th anniversary of the birth of Marie Curie. Aurora’s Lindsey Simcox and Jon Taylor were involved in the analysis of Curie’s notebook. The work was presented at IRPA14.

Aurora are proud to present a Virtual Reality experience compiled by Joel Garner, entitled Doses from Cosmic Rays. This immersive, 360° video takes the viewer on a journey from sea level to outer space, explaining how exposure to cosmic radiation changes with altitude.

More Information

More information about the event, including presentations, can be found on the SRP webpage.

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