Lindsey Simcox

Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) & Laser Protection Adviser (LPA)

Lindsey has been with Aurora since 2010. During this time she has worked closely with the team to develop skills across almost all the aspects of ionising and non-ionising radiation services that Aurora deliver.

Lindsey is a previous chair of the Rising Generations Group of the Society for Radiological Protection, which represents the interests of all members in the first ten years of a career in radiation protection.


Lindsey initially joined Aurora in 2010 in order to undertake her final MSc project which was to assess the effectiveness of Aurora’s commercial training courses. After completing her final project Lindsey was awarded a distinction and was offered a position at Aurora as a trainee Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and Laser Protection Adviser (LPA).

Lindsey gained accreditation as an LPA in early 2014 and an RPA in early 2016. Whilst working to achieve RPA status Lindsey became a member of a number of societies and continues to grow her knowledge base and experience.


  • Member of the Society for Radiological Protection
  • Certificate of Competence, Laser Protection Adviser
  • Certificate of Competence, Radiation Protection Adviser
  • MSc Radiation and Environmental Protection, University of Surrey
  • BSc (Hons) Physics with Astrophysics, University of Kent


Lindsey enjoys long walks on the beach, piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain.