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What is the SiteSafe Alliance?

The SiteSafe Alliance (SSA) combines the strength of three of the UK’s leading industry companies, Ramora-UK, Zetica and Aurora who together offer a unique set of services that can make the development of sites with an unusual and demanding history easier!

1 October 2020

The SSA offers expertise and experience for sites that have a chequered history, providing sources of unusual hazards that require particular attention and care. Whether a military, medical, or research establishment, the SSA has experienced researchers / risk assessors to undertake desk based assessments prior to our range of specialist who provide investigation and guidance with respect to radiological protection, chemical weapons and unexploded ordnance, among other hazards. All dealt with discretely and with due consideration to the development, the environment and the local population.

Whether it is the redevelopment of a former research establishment, the location and making safe of a buried 500lb Unexploded Bomb (UXB), the investigation and remediation of a radioactive waste pit, or just dealing with the rumour of something untoward buried on a site, we will assess, investigate and, where required, remediate the hazard, with the experience and sensitivity not offered by any other organisation!

With highly competent personnel involved in drafting guidance for organisations such as CIRIA, the Institute of Explosives Engineers, the Environment Agency and many more, you can be assured that our approach to mitigating the risk posed by
unconventional hazards is not only professional, but also pragmatic and innovative.