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Two Aurora Staff Members Awarded Fellowships to the Society for Radiological Protection

Aurora are delighted that another two staff members have been awarded Fellowships by the Society for Radiological Protection.

14 October 2020

Robert has been a Director of Aurora for over ten years, and is one of only a handful of specialists providing advice on Shielding Design and Integrity Testing (SIT).

Rab is an extremely knowledgeable and well-respected Aurora team member and not only provides RPA/RWA advice but also advises on non-ionising technical measurements ranging from optical radiation to static electromagnetic fields and waves.

Robert Hill

Simon joined Aurora in 2014 and manages major projects within the university and medical sectors involving radiological surveying, decommissioning and safety consultancy.

Simon is a well-regarded RPA and RWA. He has many years of experience working in these roles for universities and hospitals based in the northern part of the UK.

Simon Willis