Aurora News

The Team gets together!

28 November 2023

Last week the Aurora Team headed to Marlow-on-Thames for our quarterly Aurora Team Meeting (ATM).  The ATMs are a key fixture within the Aurora calendar as it brings us all together, stepping away from Client work for a short while, to catch up as well as, on this occasion, have an early Christmas celebration!

We were delighted to be joined by Duncan White and Karen Gunn, from RSK, who talked about what they do within RSK and RSK Radiological, and how we can work together within our new home, making sure we support each other and help Aurora grow in the years ahead.  The ATM also allowed Duncan and Karen the opportunity to get to know the Team better.  Aurora is a ‘People First’ business and that sense of ‘family’ is very strong amongst us, and the team welcomed both Duncan and Karen.

During the ATM, some of the newer members of our Team talked about their experiences of working at Aurora to date.  Orneste Buitkute, our newest recruit, introduced herself to the Team.  Charlie Scholtka, who has been with us for 6 months, gave examples of the Site Projects he has been working on and how he is helping us to provide RPA services, working under Aurora’s RPA Body arrangements.  Finally, Colin Williams, who recently celebrated being with us for a year, gave examples of his best projects so far.

There were presentations from other members of the Team, providing an insight into key projects so that we can all learn from each other.

One component of the ATM was a feature where everyone individually talked about their highlights from the year, these being work related as well as personal.  Because of the level of trust that we have built between us at Aurora, Team members are always free to share their experiences about what they found difficult in the last year, which is another way for us to help each other, again, as part of our ‘People First’ culture.

The last year has been another great year for Aurora.  We’ve continued to grow, found a new home where we belong, further enhanced the team with new staff, but more importantly, always retained the essence of who we are.