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The Amy Story

Starting a new job can be challenging at the best of times, but starting a new job during a national lockdown and global pandemic, well that presents a whole set of challenges for anyone! Fortunately, while the pandemic presented such challenges to our newest team member, Amy Elliott, she never let is faze her and has settled in well at Aurora.

22 June 2021

After a very unusual time that has seen disruptions to many businesses in just about every industry, Aurora is proud of how its staff, the Great Team that makes us who we are, came through and not only looked after our Clients, but also innovated and changed the way we do things forever. Amy joined Aurora and became a key part of our Team.

Our focus has always been to do what is right for our Clients. The team were able to adapt their normal working procedures, to fulfil their responsibilities whilst working from home.

Aurora has been looking outward, constantly adapting to changes, and innovating to bring world leading radiation protection services to our Clients.

In April 2020, Aurora welcomed Amy Elliott to the Team. Despite the obvious challenges of the situation, Amy has become a key member of the Team. Amy has been kind enough to share her thoughts on the experience and why she chose to join Aurora.

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