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SRP Hybrid Annual Conference 2021

Aurora were delighted to be the sponsor for this year’s SRP conference. This year has been run as a hybrid event with both in person and online delegates.

2 July 2021

The theme of this year’s conference was:

Practical Radiation Protection: Innovation and Challenges.

The radiation protection community is used to adapting to changing regulatory environments. There are likely to be a number of changes and challenges facing those who work in radiation protection in the next few years. The Aurora team attended and exhibited a stand at the conference. The conference allowed our team to share and discuss practical solutions to these challenges.

Our conference stand competition this year featured with the worlds cutest forklift truck which had an important mission. Delegates had to use the tiny forklift truck to deliver COVID-19 supplies (a bottle of hand sanitiser) to the correct site location and pick up the toxic waste to the lorries as fast as possible! We had so many entries to the competition, and some contestants kept coming back to our stand to try and beat their time and win the grand prize!

Congratulations to our winners:

  • 1 minute 17 seconds
    Ben Dadds, Bureau Veritas
  • 1 minute 14 seconds
    Kurtis Waterman, Charterhouse
  • 1 minute 6 seconds
    Sam Hilton, Cerberus Nuclear

This year will saw the inaugural SRP five kilometre run. A new addition to the SRP conference and the Aurora’s Craig Morrissey took part and came 4th! Jon Taylor and Fearnley Evison ran as part of the “virtual” version, from as far away as Newcastle.

“Aurora is delighted to be SRP’s main sponsor for its Annual Conference. SRP and Aurora share many common goals, including the development of radiation protection practices for the benefit of the Society and its members, as well as the promotion of young and new professionals making their way in radiation protection.”

Glenn Hardcastle

Director, RPA & RWA