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SRP Event: Radiation in Everyday Life

Aurora were proud to present at the recent Society of Radiological Protection event: Radiation in Everyday Life.

11 December 2019

SRP Event: Radiation in Everyday Life

Hosted at The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, the Society for Radiological Protection organised a two day event on uses of radiation in everyday life. Aurora were delighted to provide three presentations at the event from three of its radiation experts. 50 delegates were in attendance to network and gain more knowledge of the various uses of different radiations, as well as receive updates from the regulators about legislative requirements. Aurora’s presentations focused on ionising radiation, non-ionising radiation, and use of ionising radiation in the medical sector.

Ionising Radiation

Jon Taylor‘s presentation looked at radiation safety of a particular project concerning engines in Formula One cars, and how this related to the bigger picture.

Non-Ionising Radiation

Angela Yeadon presented on non ionising radiation and discussed some of the common challenges that companies can face in managing non-ionising radiation safety.

Medical Sector

The presentation from Simon Willis focused on uses of ionising radiation in the medical sector; exploring real examples, and showing the progression of radiation safety in this field.