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Signs of Radio Activity at Aurora! Aurora Take Part on Windrush Radio

Aurora are excited to be taking part in a series of radio shows with Windrush Radio; a local radio station in Witney, Oxfordshire.

23 December 2021

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The Music We Love

Aurora staff will be pairing off for the radio shows that will run monthly during 2021. The shows will be hosted by Simon D of Windrush Radio. In each show we will listen to and discuss the songs that are important to us, and others…


  • Favourite songs from films and TV
  • Favourite songs with no guitar?!
  • Songs that have got you through Lockdown

Radio – Activity

Also, in each show, the pair from Aurora will discuss a radiation related topic; the first show is all about things falling out of the sky in Chernobyl. Later topics include:


  • doses during missions to Mars
  • radioactive space fuel
  • carbon dating
  • uses of radium & Marie Curie
  • myth busting popular TV shows

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