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Radiological Protection Summer School

8 July 2019

Radiological Protection Summer School

Delegates gathered in the first week of July 2019 to receive technical presentations and take part in hands on workshops in radiological protection regulations, operational health physics and environmental radioactivity.

Speaker: Raj Bunger

Raj Bunger was invited by the Radiological Protection Summer School to provide a presentation on ‘Non-Ionising Radiation in the workplace’. The event was run at Christ’s College in Cambridge and featured delegates from various sectors of radiation protection. Raj’s presentation focussed on the effects of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR), including indirect effects, protection measures and the current landscape of NIR legislation in the UK for both optical and EMF radiation.

Non Ionising Radiation Specialists

Aurora’s expert non-ionising radiation (NIR) safety team are known for providing not only technically sound services, but also proactive and innovative solutions to suit your needs. Aurora has expertise across the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum and so can address concerns with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and optical radiation including lasers.