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Radiation Shielding Webinar

LKAB hosted the webinar series on Civil Engineering Solutions, with one day focusing role of radiation shielding.

15 September 2020

The five day webinar was organised by LKAB Minerals, titled “Civil Engineering Solutions for Infrastructure.” Day three’s topic was “Radiation Shielding” and included talks considering upcoming Challenges in Shielding, Self-Shielding Transport Containers, Radiation Facility Design and a Cost Comparison for Standard and Heavy Concrete for Shielding Bunkers.

The radiation shielding talks were aimed at professionals involved in the construction of facilities involving the use of radiation, and covered the basics of radiation shielding and case studies of design problems.

As the resident expert on Healthcare Facility Design and Testing, Aurora’s Jill Reay was able to provide a presentation on the design of radiation facilities from the perspective of the Radiation Protection Professional.

The presentation included a first hand experience of designing (and later testing the integrity of) the shielding for a proton beam therapy facility.

“The fact that radiation shielding is not an exact science and that computation results may vary depending on what method is used were two key learning points for me.” ~ Previous Radiation Shielding Course Attendee