New Training Course: RPS for Medical X-ray Users

Aurora have developed a new Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course that focuses on uses of ionising radiation in the medical sector, primarily for X-ray users. A recent training day was customised to those working within the medical sector and future courses will be provided in 2020.








RPS course for the Medical Sector

Medical X-ray use

We have developed a course that includes all the aspects of the established Aurora RPS, but considers medical uses of X-rays in the healthcare sector.

Nature and properties of ionising radiation

Understanding the importance of dose limits

How to carry out radiation risk assessments and how to implement contingency plans for dealing with a radiation accident

Appreciation of the associated risks

Be familiar with the units used in radiological protection  

Awareness of the different types of radiation monitoring equipment, including when and when not to use them

Radiation Safety Training

“The ionising and non-ionising radiation training by Aurora was an excellent course and I would recommend attending it. The course was well paced and was structured to include participants of all levels. There were plenty of opportunities to network, which is a bonus when you are new to this area.”

“Those presenting were able to clearly explain legislative requirements and I acquired a lot of new knowledge.”

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