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New On Demand Courses: Laser Safety Awareness

Another of Aurora’s On Demand courses has gone live and is available now: Laser Safety Awareness

10 February 2022

On Demand Laser Safety Awareness Training

Aurora’s On Demand Laser Safety Awareness course has gone live. Users can enrol onto the course via our Online Learning platform, and access the training course immediately. Users completing the course will gain an awareness of the health and safety aspects relating to work associated with the use of lasers and laser equipment. This course is designed to give anybody in any sector an effective overview of laser safety.

The course gives a basic introduction to optical radiation and the definition of laser radiation compared with broadband sources. It provides an awareness of the risks to health created by direct exposure to laser radiation, and the risks presented by non-beam hazards, which are often more dangerous. The course also considers the labelling and classification scheme for lasers so that users understand the risks presented by the different laser classes. General control measures and risk assessment procedures which should be taken in connection with work with laser radiation, and the importance of complying with the relevant legislation, most notably the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation Regulations 2010. The course concludes with a discussion on the emergency procedures expected to be in place for more hazardous lasers.

What is On Demand Learning?

Aurora has been developing a suite of “On Demand” Radiation Safety training courses.

After noticing many of our clients have the time consuming and often onerous task of organising training, we decided to develop courses that users could do at their own pace and to their own schedule.

These courses are perfect for those with:

  • Busy work schedules – users can pause the course and pick it up again when they are ready,
  • Hybrid working arrangements – materials are delivered online through videos, animations and quizzes,
  • A role involving keeping a track of user training – a Group Dashboard means managers can enrol users, monitor their course progress and download their course certificates.

The course is delivered in easily grasped modules, and the materials are available for one year after the initial registration. All materials have been produced by our qualified radiation protection experts, so that delegates access that vital ‘first hand’ knowledge from recognised professionals in the field of radiation protection. The support does not stop there, our friendly training team are always happy to be contacted if you have any general or technical queries about the courses.

Try our Demo!

We have made a demo course for you to try. It consists of a video tour of the On Demand platform, and a quick, anonymous, quiz, without the need for you to enrol or login.