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May The Fourth Be With You!

4 May 2023

Happy Star Wars Day! To mark the celebration of all things Star Wars, we thought we would show you some of the teams’ building skills of some very complicated Lego Star Wars kits (This puts making a flat packed bookshelf look like child’s play).

Raj Bunger – Director, RPA, RWA, LPA and NIR Specialist

During the COVID pandemic I really started building Lego.  What started as a simple time pass soon became a major hobby!  The Millennium Falcon was the first, followed by the Republican Gunship and then the Star Destroyer, much to the annoyance of my family.  My favourite has to the Moss Eisley Cantina, which recreated one of the greatest scenes in the first movie….and yes, I did hum that tune when I was building it!

Amy Elliott – Trainee RPA, & LPA  

The millennium falcon took me and James (my partner) about 20 hours to build. Inside the millennium falcon are little compartments and rooms which are hidden when the entire model is complete. So much thought has gone into the design of this model, it was really fun to build! Moving it however is difficult as all that Lego is heavy! I am now in the process of carefully dismantling it, which I think will take me longer than building it!

Craig Morrissey – Director, RPA & RWA

The Millennium Falcon with over 7,500 pieces makes for a fun and challenging build. The size of the set made it very difficult to move around so I built a custom stand out of Lego for it

As a little dad and son project we both built our X-Wings together. Over the last year I have made a few little sets with my boys collected from the Star Wars Magazine so far we have built a Kylo Ren Interceptor, Razorcrest, AT ST & Kylo Ren Shuttle.

A great build of the BD1 droid in Star Wars: Fallen Order, the BD1 has a movable head, feet, and has a secret hidden compartment!