Marie Curie and the birth of “radioactivity”

Marie Curie’s life while she undertook her Nobel Prize winning work goes under the microscope in a new film, played by Rosamund Pike.


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Radioactive is a journey through Marie Curie’s legacy – her scientific breakthroughs, her genius, her rebelliousness and the consequences of those. This is the story of how she changed the face of science forever.

Marie Curie’s Notebook

Aurora’s own genius rebels, Lindsey Simcox and Jon Taylor, performed a radioactive analysis on Marie Curie’s Contaminated Notebook. This work was presented at the International Radiological Protection Association (IRPA) congress, which hosted over a thousand radiation protection professionals from around the world in attendance.

Marie Curie's Contaminated notebook. Radiation analysis.
Marie Curie in her lab. Radiation Laboratory Deisng and decommissioning.