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Introducing SRPros

The Society for Radiological Protection are introducing a new series of interviews with Affiliated Organisations in the field of Radiation Protection.

8 July 2020

Aurora’s Interview with SRP

Leadership, Expertise, Reputation

During this period of lockdown, we have continued to dedicate ourselves to the radiation safety matters of all our Clients. We have committed ourselves to maintaining our reputation for being trustworthy, thorough and committed to total quality and safety.

Virtual Meetings and Online Training

As part of our commitment to delivery of total quality and safety, a number of our services have moved online, including virtual meetings and online training.

Aurora Team

The reason Aurora have been able to continue, and even grow during the Lockdown, is really down to the dedication and the nature of the Aurora team.


We have been working hard behind the scenes to make our training available online. Our scheduled courses that were due to take place in May and June have now become online courses. Our Team is also providing a number of tailored online courses to Clients in May such as the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) and Laser Safety Officer (LSO) courses. If you would like more information about our training courses, or to book yourself on to one of our online courses, please click here.

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