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Industry Leaders Debate New Radiation Protection Legislation

The seventh conference in Aurora’s Expert Event series saw field experts and industry leaders gather to discuss the changes in the Radiation Protection Legislation.

28 November 2017

Discussing changes to Radiation Protection Legislation

This Aurora Expert Event “Radiation Protection Legislation – What’s New?” saw regulators and industry leaders providing talks covering the upcoming changes to ionising and non-ionising radiation safety legislation, as well as the regulations covering electromagnetic fields (EMF) safety, which came into force in 2016. Our delegates enjoy being able to speak directly with the regulators, and other varied and interesting speakers, in a friendly atmosphere, with plenty of space and time to network with people with similar roles.

Event Information

More information on the context of the event can be found on the “Radiation Protection Legislation – What’s New?” page, including the nature of the changes to the radiation protection legislation for ionising and non-ionising radiation.

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“Radiation Protection Legislation – What’s New?” Images
These are some images from the 7th Aurora Expert Event.