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Government & Industry Leaders Debate Contaminated Land Issues

A part of Aurora’s Expert Event series: Radioactive Contaminated Land. Exploring the issues met by site owners, developers, Local Authorities, Regulators and specialist contractors when a site contaminated with radioactive material is redeveloped.

17 June 2016

Over 60 delegates attended the latest in Aurora’s industry-defining expert series, including national and local government departments as well as industry regulators and directors of leading companies, to see, hear and debate presentations on issues relating to radioactive contaminated land from First Base, Jacobs, Magnox, Fareham Borough Council, the Environment Agency, and Areva RMC.

There were compelling discussions on risk, insurance and liability, the application of Part 2A to Radioactive Contaminated Land, and the technical challenges of stating that land is ‘clean’ to allow unrestricted development.

Event organiser and Aurora Radiation Protection Adviser Jon Taylor said “It was great to see a lot of healthy discussion during the event on how land contaminated with radioactivity is being managed – and how things can improve in the future”. He added that “We have received a lot of positive feedback, and this will help us design more events in the future”.

Aurora hosted this expert event: Radioactive Contaminated Land at the Harwell Campus on Tuesday 14th June 2016. It is the seventh in Aurora’s expert series, which have now been attended by over 400 decision makers. More such events are planned. Attendance is by invitation only.

Aurora is the leader in radiation protection, and has been involved in the cleaning up land for redevelopment valued at over £1 billion.

Aurora Radioactive Contaminated Land Intro and Programme

1 Property Developer, Phil Wade, First Base
2 Presentation Unavailable
3 Nuclear Licensed Sites, Jon Blackmore, Magnox
4 Local Authority, Wendy Shakespeare, Fareham Borough Council
5 Environment Agency, Specialist Inspector, Tanya Montgomery
6 Sampling and Data Quality Objectives, Steve Wilcox, Areva
7 Survey, Waste Disposal and Validation, Jon Taylor, Aurora