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Everything you wanted to know about radiation but were afraid to ask

This year’s ISTR Symposium enjoys the Silver Anniversary of the institute. Working in partnership with Aurora Health Physics Services, the two day event will provide attendees with an insight into challenges and solutions to safe laboratory practices.

11 October 2017

This year’s two-day symposium combines two areas pertinent to researchers and lab managers. On the first day, ISTR’s Biosafety Steering Group will consider work with biological organisms outside of containment laboratories. For the second day, ISTR, working in partnership with Aurora, will provide practical solutions to the safe management of ionising and non-ionising radiation sources.

Working safely out of containment looks at the various challenges faced in providing a safe working environment outside of the containment laboratory: from specialist imaging of live infectious material to providing a diagnostic service during an outbreak. There will also be an update on laboratory fumigation: how to select the most appropriate method and how to validate it.

Everything you wanted to know about radiation but were afraid to ask provides the non-radiation specialist with the tools to manage and monitor exposure to ionising radiation sources and optical radiation sources (UV and lasers), how to implement an Electromagnetic field (EMF) management system, and what are the legislative requirements underpinning the safety professional’s approach.

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