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Everything you wanted to know about radiation but were afraid to ask.

This year’s ISTR Autumn Symposium enjoys the Silver Anniversary of the institute. Working in partnership with Aurora Health Physics Services, the second day of the Symposium covered a range of radiation protection topics.

21 November 2017

This event provided delegates with the tools to manage ionising and non-ionising safety, and provided an update of the legislative requirements.

Experts in fields covering the entire range of ionising and non-ionising radiation presented on behalf of organisations in the UK, including Aurora, University of Oxford, Greater Manchester Police, Christie NHS Trust and the Medical Research Council.

Aurora were delighted to work with ISTR to help organise day 2 of the Autumn Symposium. The day was a fantastic opportunity for delegates to get an overview of radiation safety matters across the whole spectrum, from ionising radiation, optical radiation, to electromagnetic fields. It was also a great event for networking and sharing experiences.

Angela Yeadon

Aurora’s exhibit included a Virtual Reality experience, Doses from Cosmic Rays. This immersive, 360° video takes the viewer on a journey from sea level to outer space, explaining how exposure to cosmic radiation changes with altitude.

More Information
Materials such as presentations can be found on the ISTR website. If you’re interested in Aurora’s involvement, or have any radiation safety questions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.