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Contingency Plan Rehearsals!

4 July 2022

Bob the alien has spilled radioactive carbon-14 all over himself! What do you do?

This was the scenario presented to the University of Nottingham’s Radiation Protection Supervisors during our risk assessment and contingency plan rehearsal day.

Risk assessment courses and contingency plan rehearsals are not known for being fun. Aurora aims to change this stereotype by creating interactive courses where the delegates can learn vital RPS skills whilst having fun and networking with fellow radiation users. Aurora’s experts were there to answer any questions and demonstrate the use of radiation monitors.

Aurora ran two courses in one day, one for x-ray users and one for radioactive source users. Each course included a theory and a practical session that was tailored to the radiation sources used. The practical sessions allowed the users to practice cleaning up a radioactive spill, identifying hot spots on a source safe, the five essential radiation monitor checks as well as other skills vital to RPSs.

Please get in touch if you think your company would benefit from a similar course.