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Celebrating our unsung heroes!

25 January 2024

It’s now a January ritual at Aurora, that we reward team members for their hard work in the previous year.  The great thing about the rewards is that they are issued and nominated by fellow team members in appreciation for outstanding work which has had an impact on them personally.

At the beginning of each New Year, Aurora team members are issued with a number of peer tokens, which throughout the year they can issue to anyone, for any reason.  These peer tokens can then be ‘cashed in’ at the beginning of the next year for rewards.

The top performers in 2023 were joint equally (with 21 tokens each):  Emma Solomon, Steve Bramley, Neil Dorling and Colin Williams.

Emma is Aurora’s Health, Safety and Quality Assistant and is a vital cog in how Aurora operates from managing our Health, Safety and QA arrangements, to making sure that our training services run effectively.

Steve, Neil and Colin are part of the Site Services Team.  They provide key services to our clients for radiation and environmental surveys, which often lead to remediation and decommissioning works.  But, in addition to this they are great innovators, constantly improving how we work, from creating apps to supporting key research and development projects.

Well done to Emma, Steve, Neil and Colin.  But, also the whole Team, everyone was awarded peer tokens by their colleagues in 2023 for their hard work!