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Aurora supports last radioactive waste shipments leaving the Silwood Park Reactor site

Aurora’s Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWAs) have supported the decommissioning of the Silwood Park Reactor site since 2013. The final shipment of radioactive waste left the site recently.

1 March 2021

Silwood Park Reactor

Aurora have been supporting ABNC Limited since 2013 to characterise and dispose of radioactive waste from the decommissioning of the Imperial College London research reactor at the Silwood Park Campus.

The wastes included reactor furniture, cooling systems, sample transfer systems, detectors, tanks, reactor graphite, concrete shielding blocks and activated structural materials.

Aurora deployed their electrically cooled mobile High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy equipment and turntable to characterise wastes for disposal as well as conducting Health Physics surveys and sampling.

Some of the Aurora staff have been involved with the Silwood Park Campus for many years before he decommissioning project began when the facility was operating as a research and teaching reactor. So, it was a bit sad to see the facility finally flattened to the ground!

Case Studies and Testimonials

“Aurora worked tirelessly to carry out radiological monitoring, surveying, sampling and subsequent decommissioning. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aurora’s Radiological & Decommissioning Team for laboratories requiring a similar service.”