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Aurora Expert Event: Healthcare Facilities

The Centre For Life, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s international science village, was home to the latest Aurora Expert Event. Some 120 delegates from across Europe attended in order to hear about overcoming challenges when upgrading current, or planning new, healthcare facilities.

17 November 2015

Expert speakers provided presentations and case studies that collectively covered conception to final design. The keynote presentation was provided by Professor Tony Lomax of the Paul Scherrer Institute, who is a renowned authority on Proton Therapy.

Market leading exhibitors covered a range of applications and could provide comments and solutions to various queries.

Delegates, speakers and exhibitors alike were receptive of interesting and thought-provoking discussions. During a break, all attendees were invited to take a turn on the Centre’s 4D Motion Ride ‘Happy Feet – Mumbles Wild Ride’.

These Expert Events are organised by Aurora, and provide director and manager level professionals with up-to-date practical and theoretical knowledge. Aurora is committed to leading the way in radiation protection.

Presentations Please check back for those that are currently unavailable.

“Next generation of Proton Beam Therapy facilities.” Professor Tony Lomax, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

“The Environmental Permitting Regulations: from first application to end of life.” Kate Griffith, Environment Agency.

“Introduction and clinical requirements.” Ranald Mackay, The Christie NHS Trust.

“Implementation of clinical and technical requirements in the design of a Proton Therapy centre.” Franko Covington, HKS.

“Structural and service considerations.” Nick Ashby and Hywyn Jones, ARUP.

“Efficient shielding design process.” Joern Meissner, Varian.

“Radiation protection considerations in the Christie Proton Centre design.” Mark Hardy, The Christie NHS Trust.

“Building with blocks.” Adrian Porter, Colchester NHS Trust.

“Forster Sandwich Construction – the future of radiation shielded structures.” Jan Forster and Robert Forster, Forster Bau GmbH and Otto Pravida, Pravida Bau GmbH.

“6 and10 MV Linacs on the second floor of a high rise building; the Roman boat and the patient experience.” David Gallacher, Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Trust.

“Radiation safety roles: design to clinical operation.” Ian Chell, Department of Health.

“The long journey.” Steve Eames, Barts NHS Trust.

“The Churchill project (another long journey).” Glenn Hardcastle, Aurora.