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29 November 2022

In the last quarter of 2022 Aurora have been providing webinars to its clients, industry regulators and professional bodies, relating to radiation protection and the management of radioactive material and waste. Two recent examples are shown below.

Joel Garner and Jon Taylor provided a webinar to inspectors from the UK’s environment agencies on cyclotrons and particle accelerators, including detail on radioactive waste, radiological assessment methods and decommissioning. Toby Wymer, Technical Specialist, Radioactive Substances from the Environment Agency gave the following feedback:

Robert Hill from Aurora delivered a webinar on ‘an introduction to radiation shielding,’ for the Society of Radiological Protection. The aim of this webinar was to provide an awareness of methods available to determine shielding requirements for simple exposure conditions. The presentation covered simple shielding geometry using the point source approximation, gamma ray constants, linear attenuation coefficient, transmission and build up factors, as well as half and tenth value layers

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed here: