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Aurora Awards

15 February 2023

At Aurora, one of the things we look forward to at the beginning of every year, is celebrating the contributions of the Team.  We have a peer recognition app, created by our own Team, which allows us to recognise the value of everyone’s hard work.  Each member of the Team is issued 12 virtual tokens for the year, and they can issue them to whoever they like!

So, the winners of the Aurora Awards for 2022 were jointly Amy Elliott, Joel Garner and Emma Solomon with 20 tokens each.

Amy Elliott

Who am I?

I’m one of Aurora’s Trainee RPA/LPAs!

My Favourite Screen Quote: From Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I love that scene between Han Solo and Finn where Solo says, “THAT’S NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS!!”








Joel Garner

Who am I?

I’m one of Aurora’s RPAs!

My Favourite Screen Quote: From Game of Thrones ‘‘You noo nuthin Jon Snooo’







Emma Solomon

Who am I?

I’m Aurora’s Health, Safety and Quality Assistant!

My favourite quote is “My Kid is turning out just like me. Well played Karma, Well-Played”.






Well done to Amy, Joel and Emma, but also to the whole Team for their individual contributions that collectively makes Aurora who we are.