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Accumulating Radioactive Waste: EA Publishes EU Exit Regulatory Position Statements

The Environment Agency (EA) have issued two EU Exit position papers which could affect employers who are permitted to keep and use radioactive material; and/or accumulate and dispose of radioactive waste under an Environmental Permit.

5 April 2019

Do the EA’s EU Exit Regulatory Position Statements affect you?

Due to uncertainties around the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU Exit), the Environment Agency (EA) has produced two position statements. The first statement is in relation to employers not being able to transfer radioactive waste (including sealed sources that are normally returned to the supplier) to destinations outside the UK. The second statement is in relation to restrictions on the supply of radioactive materials (including both sealed and unsealed sources).

The Regulatory Position Statements (RPS) have been produced by the EA in recognition of the potential for businesses to face challenges with complying with their Permits. The RPSs have been produced subject to specific conditions and requirements which must be met. The EA must be informed before any employer uses an RPS. It should be noted that the RPSs are only applicable until the 30th April 2020.

EU Exit RPS 1

The first RPS is in relation to those employers who may exceed permit limits when obtaining additional radioactive materials.

EU Exit may result in restricted supplies of radioactive materials (including both sealed and unsealed sources). This EU Exit regulatory position statement (EU Exit RPS) will allow an employer to exceed the numerical limits within their Permits, subject to conditions.

If an employer complies with these conditions, they can temporarily hold radioactive material (including sealed and unsealed sources) in excess of their limits, until 30 April 2020.

EU Exit RPS 2

The second RPS is in relation to those employers who cannot transfer waste because of EU Exit.

This RPS allows an employer to accumulate radioactive waste above the limits in their permit or the exemption. It applies to sealed sources and to other radioactive waste that an employer may transfer for recycling or reprocessing.

If an employer cannot transfer sources because of EU Exit and they can comply with the conditions in this EU Exit RPS; they can temporarily store radioactive waste in excess of these limits at their Permitted premises. In the case of mobile radioactive apparatus, this will be the premises where an employer normally keeps sources when they are not in use.

More Information

If you have any questions about the EU Exit Regulatory Position Statements (RPSs) and how they will impact on your operations, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team of Radioactive Waste Advisers. Alternatively, read more below about how Aurora helps our clients stay compliant with regulatory requirements, including the safe disposal of radioactive waste.