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Environmental Radiological Surveys

Radiation Safety Consultancy

The Challenges

To undertake independent radiological surveys and sampling to establish the radiological status of the Aptuit site with respect to areas previously used for work with radioactive materials, including tritium and carbon-14. The aim was to remove the RSA93 registration and authorisation from the Aptuit site.

The Tasks

  • Extensive survey work undertaken including the radiological surveying and sampling of multi-storey laboratory buildings, internal ventilation and drainage systems, roof areas around ventilation stacks and outside drains.
  • Following the decommissioning work all wastes were disposed of in accordance with the site’s RSA93 Authorisation.
  • Subsequent decommissioning work involved dismantling and removal of fume cupboards and their ventilation systems, contaminated laboratory fixtures and fittings and a number of internal drainage systems.
  • The final on-site task was to undertake validation surveys to confirm the endpoint clearances criteria had been successfully achieved.

The Results

Aurora supported Aptuit in achieving the site’s RSA93 registration and authorisation revokation.

“During the radiological survey and sampling, and subsequent decommissioning, of the Aptuit, Edinburgh facilities, I found Aurora to be very effective, professional and customer focussed. I was regularly updated during all stages of the work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aurora’s radiological survey and decommissioning team for facilities that require radiological clean-up.”

Andrew McKerracher

Senior Director Procurement • Aptuit

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