Waste Assessment And Disposal

Aurora will assess and then dispose of your radioactive waste responsibly at approved landfills, the low-level waste repository (LLWR), incinerators, and recycling plants, ensuring the most cost-effective service.


Waste Assessment And Disposal

Aurora will dispose of your radioactive waste responsibly at approved landfills, low-level waste repository (LLWR), incinerators, and recycling, ensuring the most cost-effective, legally compliant waste assessment and disposal.

It is the responsibility of the producer to dispose of waste containing radioactive materials safely and responsibly, to limit radiation exposure and potential harm to public health and wildlife. For your organisation to comply with legislation, radioactive waste disposal must be carefully planned and coordinated at designated sites approved for this use. It is therefore important that you choose a reputable and experienced company to trust with your waste assessment and disposal needs.

Radioactive Waste Advisers

Facilitate Permit Application

Examine Compliance

With our in-depth knowledge and experience of radioactive waste disposal, together with an extensive network of waste disposal contacts, we are able to assess, stream, transport, and ultimately dispose of all types of your radioactive waste. Such waste disposal can range from a few small sources previously used for classroom teaching through to the disposal of hundreds of tonnes of radioactively contaminated soil and rubble.

Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWAs)

Our RWAs can assist you in assessment of radioactive waste to determine the appropriate category and waste route.

Assessment can be carried out in-situ using the portable High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy system, surface sampling with analysis by Liquid Scintillation Analysis or by core sampling for off site laboratory analysis.

We can arrange for disposal to a suitable facility such as a specialist landfill or incinerator.

A Radioactive Waste Adviser will assist with your permit application and check compliance if this is required.

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Glenn Hardcastle

Glenn Hardcastle

Director, RPA & RWA

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