The Use of Radiological Instrumentation

Give your staff confidence in knowing when to use which instruments, and how to use them.




Course Overview

The use of radiological instrumentation course

Radiological instrumentation play an important role in any active radiation protection framework and can provide valuable information to employers in not only meeting legal requirements, but also by providing key information about the appropriate steps to take when minimising risk. This course provides the background to radiological instrumentation as giving delegates well practical experience with carrying out measurements.

Radiation Basics

Ionising radiation, effects and units

Radiation Protection Legislation

How to meet the requirements of  radiation protection legislation

Radiation Records

Record keeping and communicating results

Radiation monitoring equipment

Types available, and when and when not to use them

Radiation Safety Training Tailored to You

Aurora has more expertise in more sectors of radiation protection than any other UK company. This includes shielding design, testing for healthcare, and industrial and research applications. Our experiences means our trainers have the ability to tailor any course to meet the needs of the client.

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