Combined Laser Safety Awareness and Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Course

Give your staff confidence that they can work safely in laser environments and work effectively as a Laser Safety Officer




Course Overview

Combined Laser Safety Awareness and Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Course

Our experienced trainers have the ability to deliver combined courses. As both courses have common elements, we can provide essentially two training courses in one. This is ideal when there are a small number of staff who require laser safety awareness training, and a small number who require LSO training. This offers our Clients greater flexibility and is a cost-effective solution to meet their training needs.

Radiation Safety Training Tailored to You

Aurora has more expertise in more sectors of radiation protection than any other UK company. This includes shielding design, testing for healthcare, and industrial and research applications. Our experiences means our trainers have the ability to tailor any course to meet the needs of the client.

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