Radiation, Remediation and Regulators

Aurora leads on cleaning contaminated land.

Radiation, Remediation and Regulators: Aurora Leads On Cleaning Contaminated Land.

Aurora’s Jon Taylor lead a session on the “Technical Aspects of Remediating Radioactive Contaminated Land” at the Environment Agency’s annual Radioactive Substances Regulation meeting.

“It’s really important not to look at contaminated waste in isolation but to consider radiological, chemical and biological hazards together. At Aurora, we routinely undertake radiological surveys, land characterisation, and remediation works which allows the true value of our client’s land to be realised for future residential and industrial uses.” ~ Jon Taylor RPA RWA, Aurora

Two of Aurora’s accredited Radiation Protection Advisers / Radioactive Waste Advisers, James Cairns and Craig Morrissey, discussed with attendees typical experiences of remediating contaminated land and subsequently surrendering Environmental Permits following the session.

Aurora is the UK leader in radiological protection services, particularly ground investigation and remediation.

What Happens Next?

For more information, call Jon on 01235 820049, or email jon.taylor@aurorahp.co.uk