Aurora at IPEM’s “Implementing the EMF Regulations and their Relevance to Healthcare”

Aurora were pleased to present at IPEM’s latest conference on the implementation of the EMF Regulations in the healthcare sector.

Aurora at IPEM’s “Implementing the EMF Regulations and their Relevance to Healthcare”

Aurora’s Angela Yeadon and Robert Hill joined staff from the healthcare sector and attended the IPEM conference ‘Implementing the EMF Regulations and their relevance to healthcare’ in London on 23rd June. This conference aimed to address many of the challenges that the healthcare sector faces in implementing these Regulations.

Pacemakers Fitted in UK each week

Pacemaker wearers are deemed to be employees at particular risk under the EMF Regulations.

Angela provided a presentation on the practical implementation of the EMF Regulations, based on her experiences of working in this field for the last ten years, and had the following to say:

What is clear is that there is a need for organisations in all sectors to address these regulations and put in place measures to ensure that EMF safety is appropriately managed. Employers should understand how they will approach the regulatory requirements for carrying out exposure assessments, and in particular how they will protect employees at particular risk

~ Angela Yeadon, Non-ionising radiation (NIR) Safety Specialist, Aurora



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Aurora have assisted many organisations in implementing successful EMF safety management programmes and in carrying out assessments and measurements of EMF sources in the workplace. If you require any information with regard to managing EMF safety in your organisation, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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