SRP’s Workshop On The Challenges Of The New EMF Regulations

SRP’s Workshop On The Challenges Of The New EMF Regulations

The SRP workshop on the health challenges and implications of the new Control of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) At Work Regulations 2016 was chaired by Aurora’s Raj Bunger.

“It was well attended, and everyone seemed to think it was a great success. At Aurora, we have had considerable interest from major companies in these new regulations, and we were pleased to be able to share our expertise.” – Raj Bunger, Chair.

Presentations were made specific to medical, industrial and defence workplaces, and Aurora’s Angela Yeadon made the presentation concerning research establishments and universities.

“[Research Establishments and Universities are] one of our expert niches, and one where the regulations really do impact behaviours” – Angela Yeadon.

Aurora is the UK leader in radiological protection consultancy and services, particularly for the medical, industrial and academic sectors.

Details of the event available on the SRP website. Click here.

Further Information

For more information contact Raj on 01235 820049, email or click below to read more on the new EMF regulations.

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