Aurora’s Online Radiation Safety Training Goes Live; It’s the Future!

At Aurora, we have been working hard to develop our radiation safety training courses so that they can be delivered online. Our first online course delivered was for those in need of Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training.



Online RPS Course Overview

On Friday 15th May, Joel Garner and Jon Taylor delivered Aurora’s first live online RPS training course from Aurora’s Harwell training facility. Delegates participated online and accessed the training not only from their place of work, but also from home. The course was delivered live with interactive content and exercises throughout the day.


management of ionising radiation safety


role and duties of the RPS


radiation monitoring equipment including when and when not to use them


requirements of the relevant radiation protection legislation


radiation risk assessments and implementation of contingency plans

With two trainers, regular breaks for the delegates, the interactive content, videos and regular feedback from delegates it all worked really well, even the assessment can be done on a smartphone now and delegates don’t even need to be familiar with Microsoft Teams or have it on their computers. They just click on a link and they’re in, it’s the future!

Jon Taylor

RPA, Radiation Safety Trainer

Fantastic course, sufficiently detailed and well-paced. Split between Joel and John, was nice to split the voices up throughout, both clearly very knowledgeable guys. Breaks really helped, especially in an interactive setting as I was working from home. Very well run for an interactive course and definitely not ‘death by PowerPoint,’ which I was apprehensive of.

Brandon Green

Technical Manager, Ornua

Online radiation safety training now offered online.
Online RPS training

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