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Radiological Consultancy Advice.

The Challenge

The Aurora expert team is involved in the design of the first NHS proton beam therapy facility in the UK, providing radiation safety advice to the facility design and construction team.

Proton Therapy Bunker being constructed, radiation facility design, radiation protection advice

Shielding Design

Radiation Facility Design

The design of radiation shielding and investigations into activation of construction materials, require Aurora’s established and dedicated expertise in Monte Carlo modelling techniques.

Critical examination

Aurora performed a detailed radiation survey using specialist neutron monitoring equipment in all areas adjacent to the facility including the 3 storey external walls. The survey demonstrated that the shielding met the design specification for the facility


Radiation Safety Consultancy from world class experts at Aurora

Radiation Safety


Aurora has industry-leading experience providing expert radiation protection advice on all areas of radiation safety, to all key market sectors.

Waste Assessment and Disposal

Aurora will dispose of your radioactive waste responsibly at approved landfills, the low-level waste repository (LLWR), incinerators, and recycling plants.

Radiation Safety

Aurora provide tried and tested radiation safety training courses. These are deliverable at the client’s premises, and tailored to meet specific requirements.

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